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Operated by Chubasco Tacos' owners Andrew and Nick Renteria and Sam Olguin, the owner and operator of Killer Whale Sex Club

Exotic Flavors

Find halibut and swordfish tacos, as well as other seafood variations, including grilled octopus

Fresh Juices

Find some of the best fresh juices in the area.


Ay, Chabela

The name for the restaurant originated from an inside joke that involves Andrew Renteria, a friend and his wife.

Andrew & Isabel

“My wife, her name is Isabel. So, whenever we would hang out, he’d say Ay, Chabela… and he would mention a song. I had never heard of that song before...

until most recently when we’re thinking of a name for this,” said Renteria who added that the song by Antonio Aguilar sets “the vibe” for the actual restaurant.

Andrew Renteri


Nick Renteri


Sam Olguin



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Now Open on Roosevelt Row

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The main centerpiece of the restaurant will be an ofrenda, which is an altar used to pay homage to loved ones who have passed away.

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